Should I Remove My Gallbladder If I Have Gallstones?


It’s true that you don’t need your gallbladder to survive, which is why surgery to remove the Gallbladder when you are facing problems with it is commonplace. In some occasions, it’s possible to take medication to dissolve gallstones, but surgery to remove the gallbladder is the most effective treatment in the vast majority of cases.

If you feel comfortable managing mild and occasional gallstone attacks (pain in the upper right side of your abdomen), and your doctor thinks that you aren’t likely to have any serious complications, it’s okay not to have surgery.

If you have multiple and repeated attacks, your doctor might suggest that its best to go for surgery.  This surgery is very common, so surgeons like Dr Kan have a lot of experience with it.


Some risks of not treating your gallstones may include inflammation or infection of the gallbladder, bile ducts or pancreas. Symptoms such as jaundice can also happen. More importantly, you may face unpredictable attacks of gallstone pain.